After years of hard work, planning and negotiations, Bayswater CFA has begun the construction of our new fire station. Demolition has been completed and the building has commenced. To assist with the fit-out and new equipment costs, we have been raising funds, whilst keeping up with our existing work load of attending to emergencies and serving the community.  Your tax deductible donation will greatly assist us in finalising our new and modern station and provide us with new equipment that will help us continue our service, both independently and in collaboration with other emergency services.

We thank you for supporting us as we continue striving to protect lives and property in the community and further afield.

From humble beginnings (a tarp that sheltered the first fire truck) to a three-bay station and separate administration building…

In 1942 Boronia Fire Brigade was registered with the Country Fire Authority (CFA). Seven of its twenty members were residents of Bayswater and although officially Boronia firefighters, were known as the Bayswater Fire Brigade.

A Fire Station was established in Station Street, Bayswater and the Brigade continued to operate as an out station of Boronia Fire Brigade until the early 1950’s when it was disbanded for unknown reasons. Boronia Fire Brigade now provided fire protection to both Boronia and Bayswater areas.

In June 1969 a public meeting was convened to gather support for the establishment of a fire brigade in Bayswater. There was no dispute as to the need for local fire protection; however there was much discussion as to whether it should be provided by the CFA or Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB). A second public meeting held on 25th June 1969 formed Bayswater Fire Brigade.

On 17th November 1969 Bayswater Fire Brigade was registered with CFA. The Brigade became operational in January 1970 and attended its first fire call on22nd January. However, a site for the Fire Station had not yet been established so the Brigade vehicle was parked under a tarp at the rear of a service station on the corner of Mountain Highway and Highmoor Avenue, Bayswater. On Good Friday 1970 a tin shed was erected to house the Brigade vehicle and other operational equipment.

In 1973 the tin shed was relocated to a site adjacent to the Scoresby Road railway crossing until the present Fire Station was built in 1976.
In 2008, the Brigade leased an additional building on the same site to be used for administration, meetings and indoor training.

It has been almost a half century since the brigades registration back in 1969, the membership has grown and developed into a unified and professional team
The brigade year on year responds to between 400 and 500 primary and support calls each year, the membership is approximately 68 volunteers and fluctuates slightly.

Bayswater Fire brigade is currently looking at some large projects such as a new station development of which will be funded partly by the CFA and partly by the brigade as well as new appliances ensuring the highest quality service will be provided to the Bayswater area well into the future.